Traditional Home Décor

Decorating your home with traditional style according to your own traditions is somewhat that is admirable and appreciable. Different people from different countries and traditions ought to decorate their homes or rooms that reflect their traditional background.

But today we see that people from a country use different traditional styles of different people and countries to create an amazing final product that makes a magnificent piece of art. The traditional style takes its inspiration from the past and it’s really about comfort. Every element feels familiar, properly placed and predictable in a good way. There is a reason that the traditional style has been thrived for so long. It promises warmth and welcome.

The refined furnishing, dignified colors, mannerly textiles and a sense of order making it easy to live with and nothing can be more appealing than this. The traditional style is all about balance from furniture to architecture. This may include the use of arts and crafts from toned wood, bold use of colors and often the reflection of cultural and religious traces. The traditional style is one of the most interesting and exotic styles to work with and the style has many variants.

Here in the article, you will come across the different things that are part of a traditional style.

Vibrant colors:

Bright and varied colors characterize the Asian traditional interior design while the west goes for soft and lighter tones of colors. While it is very tempting to go crazy with such a wide range, too much color can create visual chaos. The colors are chosen differently for walls, floors, chairs, and pillowcases. You can also go for a two-tone theme – with a neutral hue as the base color and an optimistic color touch for accents.

Solid wood furniture:

Solid wood is another important element in traditional styles. This may include the traditional pieces with curved armrests and legs, carvings, inlay work with metal or ivory. The solid wood furniture is something that looks elegant yet traditional. People make most of the use of the material for wooden chests, footstools, and even bird. The element holds great importance in traditional styles.

Traditional decorative cabinets:

There could be many elements in the traditional styles of home decoration, and one of the traditional styles involves the decorative cabinets that surely reflect a combination of functionality and aesthetics. These cabinets work as storage units in the kitchen, bedrooms and also for the living rooms. They are often brightly painted and embellished with inlay work using mirrors, stones, etc. and should be used alongside solid wood pieces to fill the space in a better way.

Informal spaces:

The traditional style may also include the places in the house that are called as informal. The style includes versatile and comfortable informal places in the house for relaxed and comfortable interaction. Different types of seating are done in the house like using dewans, high chairs, sofas, and footstools. The use of rugs and cushions can be another option for your informal places that provide warmth and comfort. The places may also include traditional pieces such as swing can bring a positive vibe to your spaces.

Decorative artifacts:

The traditional style also involves, using different types of decorative artifacts. There could be large and variety of handicrafts as decorative artifacts. And in the same way, you have tons of choices available to decorate your home. The popular artifacts include masks, clay pottery, crockery, decorative boxes and also some antique pieces of art. These are mostly used to decorate your home with a traditional touch.

Handspun fabrics:

The important feature of having a traditional style involves handspun beautiful fabrics. The people who led the tradition have been great in making handspun fabrics. These fabrics can be used in a number of creative ways in our homes for the traditional style decoration. The fabrics are handspun for the drapes for windows, simple bed sheets or an attractive canopy over a bed or covers for diwan makes it feel homey and comfortable.

Statuary and paintings:

The paintings of the Mughal architecture and gold-leaf paintings of Tanjore, the traditional style have been filled with a wonderful variety of artistic styles. The traditional style includes the musty of the paintings that reflect the culture, religion or customs. Large painting can serve as center pieces and also the traditional styles involve the use of statues as a decorative material or piece for your drawing room or living room.

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