Top 10 Best Wedding Destinations in the World

Wedding is a ceremony where not only two people but also their families united together. Wedding traditions and customs varies between cultures, religions, social classes, and countries. So it can be ideal and perfect. Venue of wedding is vital element as it adds more colors to your wedding so it must be perfect. Here are some of the best wedding destinations in the world.

World’s 10 Best Wedding Destinations.

10. Houston

The perfect day and a lifetime memories begin in Houston. If you are planning your wedding, Houston is the best place which is full of exceptional spaces and extraordinary culinary offerings combine to create perfect wedding venue. People spend thousands of dollars to make sure that their day turns out just right. People plan hundreds of Houston wedding every year. So if you are planning your wedding, then you must check out the best wedding venues in Houston. Your Ideal venues in Houston may be Spanish style villa, which is full of wrought –iron- staircase which is worthy of grand bridal entrance, or it may be a hotel ballroom that reflects contemporary elegance while sweeping perfect views of the famous city. Ashton Gardens, Crystal Ballroom, Hotel Galvez, Paraiso Maravilla, and Butler’s Courtyard are some best Wedding Destinations in Houston.

9. San Francisco, California

If you are looking for a venue that offers more in terms of scenery than just a concrete jungle, then you must head to California. San Francisco is urban place, making it one of the top US cities to tie the knot in. It has high hills, huge parks, cable cares rattle over the streets, and best views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the city. These things win the hearts of brides and grooms.

8. Caribbean: Jamaica

Jamaica offers you much more than just palms trees and beaches. It has fun loving atmosphere and many all-inclusive resorts. It can be the most affordable island which offers you true ecstatic beauty of nature and many private villas that come with their own chefs, security and housekeeping staffs. The Resorts of Montego Bay offers the best service and convenience. The gardens and waterfalls of Ocho Rios provide relief to the visitors. It is one of the best places in the world to tie a knot in.

7. Italy

The Amalfi Drive is one the most scenic Stretches of Italian Coastline. It consists of winding cliffs and views of the sea. It has the best cuisine among the rest of the resorts in the Italy. You must walk through the narrow streets of Naples’s Old Spacca Quarter, which will make your wedding unforgettable. September and October are the best times to plan your weddings in Italy. During this time it has mild temperatures which are perfect for your weddings.

6. Ireland

Ireland is the best place for weddings, if ”fairy tale” define you idea of wedding. It has seaside villages, gardens, and grand castles which beautify you idea of perfect wedding. The natural beauty of romantic country and the genuine hospitality of Irish people make your wedding memorable. The combination of symbolic tradition and culture will keep guests busy between events.

5. France

The World’s most romantic city, yes, we are talking about Paris, just two hours from it France is full of historic villages, castles, charming people, wines and good food. If you are planning for a dream destination wedding France is the place for you. You and your guests will definitely enjoy country life. Between April and June, you can plan your wedding in France. During this period it has mild temperatures, and it will become perfect wedding destination with its exotic beauty.

4. Fiji

Fiji is known for its rich sea life and friendly people. It is tropical paradise and ideal wedding destinations for people seeking exotic culture and unspoiled beaches. It is perfect place for your nature loving guests, who can see sunken ships, and feed sharks there. The best weather is Fiji’s winter season i.e. from May to October in which yearly festivals (Festival of lights and Festival of colors) takes place. Your guests will surely enjoy exciting celebrations during this period.

3. New Zealand

It is full of its remote landscapes, golden beaches, Great Barrier Island, and frequent wildlife sightings. Water lovers will appreciate this place for their weddings. Many offshore islands which are known for their olive groves and vineyards beautify this place. New Zealand’s seasons are opposite of those in the US. Most areas of the country have mild temperatures and the warmest months are December, January, and February, and the coldest are July and August.

2. South Africa

It is called “a world in one country” as it has towering mountains rise over a Trendy Cape Town, monkey- filled forests, and deserted beaches. South Africa’s wildlife preserves, pristine beaches, and stunning landscapes which makes your wedding and vacation ideal. December to February is ideal for beach bashes while winter is best for games if you want to entertain you guests.

1. Tahiti

[TAHITI: Varieties of the traditional Tahitian Wedding Ceremony are offered at various hotels in the island, with traditional dress and lagoon cruises part of the day. the romantic lagoon cruise with musicians and champagne add the finishing touch.] *** []
Tahiti- the island is full of picturesque landscape, vanilla farms, and worthy rain forests. It gets few tourists as compared to Hawaii. So you and your guests will enjoy great service and crowd free beaches. Evening can be cool and dry season runs from May to October. You have to remind you guests to pack sweaters for the evening.

So when you are preparing for eventful and ideal wedding, you must have the knowledge of different wedding destinations of the world. You can select any destination which you find perfect for you and your guests as well.

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