Read Here Top 5 Latest Technology Trends of 2020

technology trends 2020

Technology is emerging at such a fast speed that seems faster than light. Every now and then computer scientists and professionals are busy in tweaking and improving existing technologies. In this article, you will learn about the 5 latest technology trends of 2020 that are important in this technological era.  Once you enhanced your skills in any of these technologies, it will help you to get highest paying jobs in the field of Information Technology.

Top 5 Latest Technology Trends of 2020

Here you can read the latest technology concepts of 2020 that are dominating IT industry.

1.     Artificial Intelligence

With AI technology computer systems can make decisions like human beings. AI technology can solve complex tasks like speech recognition, medical diagnosis, pattern recognition and weather forecast. Also, navigation based applications used AI technology, for example, Uber, Voice Assistants, Video Streaming Services, IOT Devices and Search Engines. The AI technology has automated tasks for traffic, business predictions, trains’ schedule and designed driverless cars. It is expected by 2030, that AI will create more than 70 billion jobs.

2.     Data Science

Data Science technology helps to convert unstructured set of data into structured data sets. As we all know that there is a large amount of data produced every day by companies which includes Sales data, business data, server data and financial figures. All of this data are unstructured and complicated. So, data scientists put efforts in converting this unstructured data into useful data sets so that data can be analyzed properly.

3.     Internet of Things

The term IoT (Internet of Things) can be define as a network of interrelated computing devices that are connected to one another through internet. It allows devices to send, receive and exchange data. It is predicted that by 2025, more than 41 billion devices will be powered by IoT.

4.     Block Chain

Block chain technology is an electronic ledger system for keeping a record of electronic transactions which cannot be altered. It allows the data to be shared among different users. Moreover, it powers electronic currencies like Cryptocurrencies. In the ledger, transactions are stored in another block in the chain of transactions. Different parties contributed in the ledger to update block chain technology. When new data enter into a block, it will not be possible to remove or erase the data. So, block chain technology is no doubt verifiable and secure.

5.      Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is just like artificial intelligence as it is used for automating daily tasks like replying to emails, handling of emails, handling business data and processing transactions. The RPA technology is good for low-level employees to high-level employees for automating more than 40% of daily tasks. Whereas RPA automated partially more than 60% of all repetitive tasks, said by McKinsey. So, this technology can be a threat for most of the jobs.

Undoubtedly, the latest technology will be helpful in creating job opportunities in the sector of automation.

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