People Show What Fall Looks Like Around the World


There is something special about the playfulness of enchanting colors that autumn brings. Leaves turning from green to yellow, everyone getting wrapped up in warm and cozy clothes, and going out on those crisp autumn days. Yes, autumn is indeed a magical time, and its unmatched beauty makes everyone want to become a professional photographer.

In an attempt to try and capture all the autumn magic around the world, we at Latest Trending made a compilation of 20 of the most awe-inspiring fall pictures from all around the world. We hope you enjoy them.

1. Sandwell, England

2. Wisconsin, US

3. Bolu, Turkey

4. Sacramento, US

5. Rhode Island, US

6. Vermont, US

7. California, US

8. Massachusetts, US

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

10. Toronto, Canada

11. Colorado, US

12. New Hampshire, US

13. Poltava, Ukraine

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Written by Zernab Farooqui

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