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Mere Pass Tum Ho – The Top Trending Drama Of 2019

mehwish and maham in mere pass tum ho
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So, finally Shehwar’s wife made an entry in Mere Pass Tum Ho! The role of Maham, Shehwar’s Wife, is being played by Savera Nadeem. Well, this is the entry! A reality checks like no other.

What an iconic slap Maham gives to Mehwish after entering the room. That angry tough looks she gave to Mehwish while saying,

Mein Maham Hoon, Shehwar Ahmed ki Biwi!”

Ek thappar ki der thi and the social media full with ballistic people. Let’s have a look on Tweets of our craziest fan followers of Mere Pass Tum Ho.

maham's entry in mere pass tum ho

maham slaps mehwish in mere pass tum ho

Savera Nadeem in Mere pass tum ho

savera nadeem as maham in mere pass tum ho
























































Thats not ended here… In todays episode we have seen that Shehwar Ahmed has been arrested in case of forgery and hundi. Whereas, Maham asks Dewaan to give money to Mehwish more than she thinks. Also, she asked Mehwish to leave the home when she came back to the room because she don’t want to see her face.

kyunk tum itni khubsurt ho ky tumhein dekh k rashq ata hai,
Pr tum itni badsurat ho ky tumhare mu pr thookne ko dil krta hai’

These lines….🔥🔥 And yes, these are the lines made today’s episode. What an amazing dialogue of the day! So, later, the poor Mehwish left Shehwar’s home…???

Oops! Something went wrong.

Actually, that’s not Shehwar’s home but his first wife home. And we must not forget Dewaan who is behind this. Maham’s dhamakedaar entry is followed by Dewaan 😱. Moreover, Shehwar didn’t know anything about it.

Well, the scene is that,

Shehwar Ahmed in Jail, Mehwish on road and Maham is in action!

Lets see what people are saying about today’s episode. 

aiza khan in mere pas tum ho

Savera nadeem playing the role of maham in mere pass tum ho

aiza khan crying in mere pass tum ho

Shehwar Ahmed in Jail

mere pass tum ho

rumi in mere pass tum ho

aiza khan as mehwish in mere pass tum ho

Lets have some funny tweets as well… 

shehwar in jail

Ek thappar khane k lye khud ko dulhan ki teran tyar keya tha… Memes toh banti hain na ab🤣

funny meme for danish in mere pass tum ho

funny memes for mere pass tum ho

funny memes

Anyways, after this episode what would you think, if Danish will accept Mehwish again or not? or what he will do? Do you think there is any possibility to accept Mehwish again ? Let us know in the comments below.

What do you think?

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Written by Zernab Farooqui


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