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Meet Umair Najeeb Khan – Creator at PaakLegion

Umair Najeeb Khans Creativity

At age of 25, an artist from Islamabad hit the social media with his creativity of developing superheroes that Pakistani’s could relate to. Lets meet Umair Najeeb Khan, the creator of PaakLegion – A Pakistani Superhero Comic Book, who is known for his extraordinary work of making a series that highlight modern life in Pakistan and also represent our culture through our very own HEROES. He is superb in making movie posters and educational posters for public awareness as well. Following are few examples of his amazing artwork.


A low key nawab and a crime-fighter, like his name he is a sandstorm, travelling over 2 centuries in time to come and save his city in shambles.


Named by natives as ‘Protector of the Mountains’ in folklore, Afsoon is a local legend who has existed in many different forms over centuries. After being gone for years, she has resurfaced to take down her arch-rival one more time.


Teacher by day and vigilante the night. Crazy skilled at combat, she is taking down bad guys one day at a time.


Reckless and short-tempered, Shahvez & Shahnawaz are twins with extreme dislike for each other and newly discovered ability to manipulate electricity, that is beyond their control.


Mischievous and clever, Buzz (as she likes to be referred to) is a 16 year old tech-savvy student. Using her precognitive visions, she is trying to change the course of what is to come.


A healer and a poet, Aazam had spent his life being despised and called a freak by the natives of the forest until a catastrophe occured. Using his abilities he must now help the land and his people in dire need of healing.


Full time mother of 3 and part time designer, Haajar used to ‘crush’ crime on the streets of Lahore with her team almost a decade ago. After a long hiatus, she is back in the game to lend a helping hand.


Angry yet wise, Omran is a 61 year old sole successor to the legacy of ancient earth-manipulators. After fighting for a lifetime and retiring from his duties, he was forced to take his mantle back in the hour of need.


A child born after generations with wind control abilities in the family, Samaa is an engineer who is burdened by expectations of her people. After years of reluctance, she has finally given herself wings and is ready to carry the legacy of her tribe.

Contact the artist at following links:

Umair Najeeb Khan twitter

Be on the look out surely more heroes will be coming our way soon!

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Written by Zernab Farooqui


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