Ishqiya – The Story of Love, Trust & Betrayal – Comes to an End…!!!

Ishqiya Cast

After a long silence of the main role Hamna, Ishqiya has finally come to a standstill. In the drama, the leading role of Hamna is played by Ramsha Khan which is not an easy character to deal with. Let’s take a quick review of the story so far.

Hamna (Ramsha Khan) got married to Azeem (Gohar Rasheed) as he was her father’s choice. She left her love Hamza (Feroze Khan) and accepted the new relationship with all her heart. She moved forward with Azeem while left her past behind. This makes Hamza (Feroze Khan) provoked to think that Hamna has betrayed him. So, Hamza (Feroze Khan) got married to Hamna’s sister, Roomi (Hania Amir) to take revenge for this betrayal.

Hamza had started emotionally blackmailing to Hamna for meeting him at hotels and calling her at random hours at night, taking advantage of his relationship with Roomi. All he wants to destroy Hamna’s peace at all costs.

Ramsha Khan’s showed her powerful acting skills in this serial. To play the role of Hamna’s character has not been easy to deal with. Ramsha Khan’s powerful dialogue delivery and the way she uses her facial expressions make it possible to show her best efforts in this serial.

So, finally Hamna broker her silence in front of his husband Azeem and told him about his relationship with Hamza. After this, Ishqiya fan followers are excited to know what will happen next.

Ramsha’s facial expressions says it all. Whatever the situation she is going through, the way she expresses her feelings whether in front of her husband about confessing her past with Hamza or to hear about her father’s death, we can clearly feel her pain.

As Ramsha Khan has been playing the leading role of Hamna in the serial, she has now become the center of everyone’s comments and also getting a lot of appreciation for her character. Some of the fan followers loves Ramsha Khan’s chemistry with Feroze Khan, whereas, other fan base loves to see the romantic scenes between Ramsha Khan and Gohar Rasheed.

The drama shows different vibes of Hamna in one single character which is not easy, but Ramsha Khan make it possible with her splendid performance. When she was with Hamza (Feroze Khan), her character was fun and innocent. With Azeem (Gohar Rasheed), Hamna’s characters was found more serious, mature and trustworthy. For maintaining such a remarkable difference in her character, Ramsha Khan deserves a huge appreciation for her performance caliber.

The last few episodes have showed Hamna as a very strong person who knows what she wants in her life and how to attain it. This major comeback makes Hamna’s character more influential than before.

Ishqiya fans gone crazy to see what will happen next between the emotional mix up of Hamza, Hamna, Roomi and Azeem. The serial is on explosive stage. Just a single mistake can destroy four lives and Hamna is playing the best role to save them all.

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