How machine technology will revolutionize the future?

machine technology

Whether it is a computer or any other machine technology, it does not respond us unless we communicate with it in some way. Communicating the machines with the assistance of keyboard, mouse and touch screen has become a history now. In recent past, the modes of inputs are altered and shifted into state of the art way of talking i.e. speech and voice recognition impacts. However, how long will this impact subsist or will it be evolved further or not is a question of matter. The trend has witnessed that most users are still making use of mouse, keyboard and touch screens but at the same time switching to voice interactions at an increasing rate.

Modes of Voice-based Interactions

  • Speaking loud whatever to search and the device translates it into a written text
  • Installation of digital signs

Talking to Machines is not weird any more

At the start of this voice based technology. It was just pot luck because sometimes the system did not hear the voice correctly or misprint the text. Now, technology understands well what human says in front of it and translates the human speech accurately. In 2020, talking to machines does not remain weird anymore and becomes a conventional way of interacting to technology. Instead, if someone is not interacting with technology in 2020 using voice recognition, it sounds weird.

The breathtaking development in speech recognition is due to the fact that it is always convenient to speak the words rather than writing by hands. The voice based inputs can be utilized at any time while doing other things by hands. It will give your hands a beautiful break.

Setbacks of Voice based Interaction

  • If voice based devices remain active all the time, these may listen to our avoided conversations as well thus lacking data privacy
  • The smart device may detect the data as misinterpretation because may be someone is speaking with good accent but the device does not catch the exact wordings
  • When background voices exist, voice recognition may not work correctly thus making the technology ideal for certain locations only

Advancements in Machine Technology in Future

In future, one day something will surely be replacing the voice recognition and manual texting with new developments that may be gestures, thoughts or something much unknown to us.


There exists possibility that technological advancement can take us to the point where we will start to talk to machines with our gestures. It may seems imaginable today but one day we will be moving our eyes, fingers or other body parts in a gesture to call up a certain function. The research has diagnosed that gestures are more accessible than voice in countless ways.


One day the human brain may start directing the machines with human thoughts. Like, whatever you think, the technology will start to address your query in the exact way you want.

For today, voice recognition is the information exchanger tool to talk to machines which still needs to be explored more. Everyone can employ this mode of communication however the constraints which still subsist must be dissolved to unveil this technology worldwide.

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Written by Zernab Farooqui


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