Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Marketing Industry, How?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The advancement in computer science, also known as machine intelligence, when backed by human intelligence is said to be artificial intelligence. AI is the interference of human mind in the machines to stimulate their operations. So we can say that this endeavor can create paradigm shift in technology industry. AI serves as a mystery box that opens up new chances and perils for every industry. AI is exciting to unveil yet scary to deal with.

Some Appalling Facts about AI

  • As per Forbes documented, 2020 is going to institute 10 million self-driving cars
  • Business Wire has presented its news on AI about ushering the revenues to $14 Billion and more by 2025
  • Google is now offering extensive cancer detecting techniques based on high accuracy rates
  • Forbes has printed news on how the use of AI has helped in avoiding heart attacks every 40 seconds

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing Industry

In marketing industry where disconnection between a brand and a customer remains an unsolved affair, AI paves path to answer such communication loops. It assists in covering the advertising deficiency in marketing industry by creating a strong bond between branding and marketing. AI helps in cutting down the bracket, searching out the offers and recognizing the new patterns for marketing campaigns.

Digital markets are gaining perfect revenue from AI application. Today, AI is prescribed to be the top ever digital marketing technique disrupting the marketing industry as it aids in probing out the customer’s ideations more rapidly.

Let’s explore how AI is disrupting the marketing industry in 2020.

Advertising Campaigns

AI technology aids in making the advertising campaigns meaningful for customers as bombarded ineffective advertisements just waste the time. AI provides more relevancy and personalization in ads thus boosting ROI. With AI application, searching has become more pertinent which succor in opting the required material only. Now Google and Facebook both are availing AI to let the required ad reach to the targeted audience only.

Marketing via Email

With machine intelligence, customer’s preferences and behaviors are tracked to furnish the certain audience with certain set of emails. When interest based emails reach the customer’s doorstep, he welcomes his wanted email thus driving his interest towards the product being advertised. It means AI is reaching the customer’s mind more quickly than ever.

Website Traffic Generation

AI can generate handy content for marketers on websites based on the supplied data and resources hence spawning the traffic on websites. It generates unique yet targeted content which is indistinguishable from a formal writer.

Content Curation

Not only generating but AI cures the content for its users via showing them personalized content. Like, Netflix uses AI to show its users the recommended movies they prefer.

Vocal Searching

AI has vast access to smart devices like Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri to help in voice searching. Rather than sticking to write keywords for searching purpose, now vocal language can be made use of.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

The scientific authors have recommended human mentality must be continued to be used in AI technology so that lives would be better at peak in future. AI driven techniques must be integrated to unhide contemporary practices in marketing industry.

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Written by Zernab Farooqui


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