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Here Karachi is Serving a Weird Food Combination “Ice cream with Samosa” Aur Yeh Keeya Mazak Hai Yaar?

A few days ago, my friend came from Karachi to Lahore and what did she tell me??? Ok, take a deep breathe and tell me that if you have ever tried Biryani with Ketchup? Or pineapple pizza? Ice cream samosa chaat?

No, no, no… I am not joking, it’s true. So, what I am telling you that my friend told me about a restaurant in Karachi which is serving ice cream samosa chaat.

Matlab, kuch bhi??

Just see this picture below, the samosa with ice cream and cold coffee? Wow, what an amazing combination…! Presenting you a mouth-watering, yummy, delicious, chocolicious, sweet and sour samosa chaat… Arrghhh ?

ice cream samosa chaat
Source: Parhlo

Not only in Karachi, but in some other cities of Pakistan, there have been some trends taken place, and I used to call them Dishes kharab karne walay trends! Same with the Biryani which has also got some new chatni flavor.

Ab Biryani kisi sy pichy toh reh nahi sakti…!

So, Biryani has come up with a combination of Tomato Ketchup. Uffff Khudaya…! Otha ly is combination banana walay ko!

biryani with ketchup
Source: Parhlo

Just imagine, you are going for a dawat and just right at the dinner table, someone started pouring ketchup on their Biryani plate ?. How would you react? Leave the world? All you could do is to just leave the table!

Yeh toh kuch bhi nahi hai 😉 Let me show you Pineapple with pizza or pizza with pineapple. Wanna eat? ?‍♀

Pineapple with pizza
Source: Parhlo

Whaaaaaattttt….! Yeh rehta tha abhi.  I can’t see anything now. Heart attack to my eyes!


Source: Parhlo

This is it…! My mom made thinday better than these types of combos. Even I would prefer karway karele instead of these ajeeb combinations. Cheers to my mom’s homemade food ?

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