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Ayesha Omar Joins The Citizens Foundation Goodwill Ambassador Program

Ayesha Omar joins the citizens foundation

Ayesha Omar joins The Citizens Foundation Goodwill Ambassador program. Since in her childhood, she has lost her father. After that she found her mother struggling for her and her brother’s education through every thick and thin. This makes Ayesha Omer more conscious for the betterment of children’s education. She grew up with the same aim to work actively in providing fair education to the underprivileged students and children.

She quoted on her instagram official account,

My Father died when I was less than 2 years old. My mother was a young widow with no financial help from anyone. It was her dream to give her children, my brother and I, a solid education. She believes a good education is the foundation of everything else in life and dedicated her life to giving us one. We were fortunate enough to attend a fantastic (yet expensive) school and then we moved on to our respective colleges and universities. Things were tough, very tough at times. We were in merit scholarships throughout and my brother also relied on financial aid until I started working and could earn enough to start supporting my family and his education. He is currently studying for a second master’s degree in Denmark and will InshAllah start his PhD after. I share my mother’s views and dreams about education. I wish to see an educated Pakistan. Everyone deserves to be educated. A literate nation is a successful and progressive nation. A literate person is self-sufficient and self-reliant and does not need to depend on anyone. Unfortunately, a large section of our population cannot afford even basic education. Many live below the poverty line and cannot even afford two meals a day. When I started working and getting a steady income, I also decided to start supporting various school systems for underprivileged children. Today, I’m beyond grateful to my mother and the Principal of LGS Defense, Mrs. Neelam Hussain (who offered the scholarship to me, when I took my entrance test) for my education, as I am to come on board as a Good Will Ambassador for tcf who have been working for 25 years in making that same dream a reality for many who can’t afford it. I hope these two ladies are very proud of the woman I am today. It’s extremely humbling to come to a stage in life when you are able to lend your voice and your platform to support something you lived through yourself and feel so passionately about. Very excited to join hands with tcf for the journey ahead.”

The Citizens Foundation welcomes Ayesha Omer with excitement. 

Ayesha Omer believes that education is necessary for everyone. With education, individuals can lift themselves out of a difficult life. They can even make informed choices. So, regardless of their financial situation, every citizen should have access to gain education. The actress wants to use her voice for the children who are out of school in Pakistan and nearly 22.8 million children fall under this category.

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