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An Evergreen Song – Dil Dil Pakistan – Sung by Sufi Rock Band Junoon in Dubai


Dil Dil Pakistan is in the heart of the all Pakistanis. An evergreen song – sung around more than 5000 Pakistanis with Sufi rock band Junoon in Dubai brings Goosebumps!

Recently, Junoon Band has a comeback concert in Dubai that brings lots of Pakistanis in one platform to sung Dil Dil Pakistan with Ali Azmat. One of the members from Audience has just shared the video on twitter. Lead vocalist Ali Azmat enthralled the audience as he made them sing the popular anthem with him.

As you can see in this video that how the patriotic Pakistanis living away from home are lighting up their phone torches and singing the popular song (Dil Dil Pakistan), originally performed by late Junaid Jamshed. It was released in 1987 by his pop band Vital Signs.

Salman Ahmed, Rock guitarist and band member of Junoon,  tweeted “JJ [Junaid Jamshed] was listening tonight.”

The Sufi rock band, which reunited in 2018 after 13 years, also features bass guitarist Brian O’Connell.

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Written by Zernab Farooqui


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