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Ali Zafar Foundation Distributed Ration Amongst Christian Community And Transgender

Ali Zafar Foundation Distributed Rations

Recently, Ali Zafar has posted a tweet on twitter showing the conditions on the ground when he went live on Instagram. Ali Zafar along with his team has been found distributing Ration in Christian community.

In the running war with COVID-19, most of the celebrities have raised their voice against Coronavirus. However, Ali Zafar and Shahid Afridi take the lead with their Ration Distribution campaign.

A few days ago, Ali Zafar has also posted a video of a transgender named “Julie” in which unfortunate situation of their community has been highlighted. The Singer Actor has distributed Ration to almost 3500 families so far.

He quoted,

“We must make an inclusive society where everyone feels equally empowered and a part of the society, like a petal in a flower. Only then we can get rid of the thorns”

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