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22 Real Photos That Look Like They Were Taken Straight Out of a Steven Spielberg Film

At times, nature’s wonders are beyond anything one could imagine, so much so that it can make you question if you’re living in the real world or are simply experiencing an imaginary realm.

This collection of completely real but mind-boggling pictures put together by Latest Trending will make you feel like you’re living in a science fiction movie.

1. “This frozen rock looks like the heart of an ice golem.”

2. “A German circus is using holograms instead of living animals for a cruelty-free magical experience.”

3. “A whale’s fin vertebrae beneath the water of a lake in Svalbard, Norway”

4. “Ghost apples are created when freezing rain coats rotting apples and the mushy rotten apple falls out, leaving a shell of ice.

5. “A whale fossil found in Egypt”

6. “Towers of Dubai breaking through the clouds”

7. “An X-ray of a pregnant dog”

8. “A treehouse in Sweden camouflaged with mirrors”

9. “This iceberg looks like an animal with its mouth open.”

10. “A 10,000-year-old skull and antlers of an extinct elk found by fishermen in Ireland”

11. “This thing actually used to exist and is called the ’Titanoboa’.”

12. “The biggest sinkhole in China, the Xiaozhai Tiankeng, also known as the Heavenly Pit”


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The Xiaozhai Tiankeng, also known as the Heavenly Pit, is the world’s deepest sinkhole. It is located in Fengjie County of Chongqing Municipality. ➖ “The Xiaozhai Tiankeng is 626 metres long, 537 metres wide, and between 511 and 662 metres deep, with vertical walls. Its volume is 119,349,000 m³ and the area of its opening is 274,000 m². This material has been dissolved and carried away by the river. The sinkhole is a doubly nested structure—the upper bowl is 320 metres deep, the lower bowl is 342 metres deep, and the two bowls are on average 257 to 268 m across. Between both these steps is a sloping ledge, formed due to soil trapped in the limestone. In the rainy season, a waterfall can be seen at the mouth of the sinkhole.” ➖ Text source: ➖ Like what I share? Curating this page takes many cups of coffee, you can support me by buying me a cup via: (clickable link in my bio) ➖ #sinkhole #heavenlypit #hole #deep #china #chinese #xiaozhaitiankeng #earth #river #geology

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13. “A red jellyfish lightning sprite”

14. “The New World Mall in Bangkok that was closed in 1997 for breaching building regulations”

15. A transparent fish

16. “A statue made out of driftwood” (sculture by Nagato Iwasaki)

17. “A venue in Sweden called Dalhalla that’s made from an old quarry”

18. “The skeleton of a freshwater stingray”

19. “This is a hidden staircase leading to a secret room inside a 19th Century Victorian home.”

20. Opal with a universe of its own found in Mexic.

Are you amazed yet?! Please share with us in the comments any amazing pictures you have — we’d love to stare at them in awe together!

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